Anonymous said: you look so beautiful ;n;

Hahaha. What.
Anon, you should see me in the morning when I wake up! .__.

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Anonymous said: Have you ever heard Five Tattoos by Ella Henderson? The song seems like it's something you would like. You should do a cover of it!

I have not! But I will definitely go check that out right now. Thanks Anon. :)

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thisbecjc said: I'm sorry but I just went on your page and listened to you sing that ariana grande song and.... omg.... u sound like an angel... i want you to like sing me to sleep every night... UGH... don't worry whoever that person that finds you will be really lucky... <3

Thank you very much, sir.
I’m sure the individual that will get those kinds of compliments from you in the future will be lucky as well! Haha.

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To You [Pt. 1]

Dear Love of My Life,

Since you don’t exist yet, I figured I’d start writing letters to you, just to plan out all the things that I wish we could do together. So without further ado.

Today was a coffee shop kind of day.
Coming from work, I honestly just wanted to sit somewhere quiet and relax. I’ve got the coffee shop and the latté but now all I’m missing is you. So if you were here, you’d probably be sitting across from me: reading or focused on the piece of photography/writing you’re working on (most likely hiding behind your laptop screen). Maybe getting sidetracked with a couple YouTube videos here and there. 

No conversation necessary. All that we would need would be a couple shared glances and a few smiles. Nothing awkward, nothing uncomfortable. Just you and me. Silent, but comfortable.


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Anonymous said: Do you have a fb page?

I do!


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Anonymous said: ㅋㅋㅋ I'm kidding! I got a lot of food XD but UCB is my school's enemy :P

You’re from Stanford?!
Tsk tsk.

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chiiavangg said: You're adorable! 😊

Thank you. That’s very nice of you! :)

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Anonymous said: ㅠㅠ thanks.. 오빠! 사랑해여 ♥ 밥사줘!! 응? jk...

근데 돈이 없거든.

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Shirt by Dada, Photo by Niccolo Cosme

Ahhh. Too cool, brah.

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Anonymous said: pls buy me food :(

Umm. If you give me the money to buy you food? Haha.

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Anonymous said: 대박!! :o but wth.. you seem so fluent in korean... my parents are korean but I can't speak korean fluently... ;-; they made me take classes and I'm still bad at it.. when I talk I sound like a potato.. my sentence don't make sense... ㅠㅠ

Hahaha. Aww.
괜찮아! 열공 해야돼. (열심히 공부해야돼~)
You can do it. 화이팅!

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